Excellent tips for building Grails UIs

Networking today, I found brilliant Tomas Lin’s post with tips about planning and building Grails UIs. 

All of them seems to me very effective and reasonable, especially 5th about code generation.

Having solid Flex & PureMVC background I could say that generation of Action Script Proxies from domain objects could save lots of time and eliminate tons of bugs. In spite of many existing projects which helps to perform routine tasks, I didn’t find any to generate useful and effective PureMVC code. As a result I preferred to create my own lightweigt AS generator from java domain objects.

Taking into account huge Grails community, I believe there is far easier way to achieve a result than creation own framework.

Grails and Flex integration

Yesterday I tested Grails and Flex integration and it was fantastic. Using Flex plugin created by Marcel Overdijk I created and run simple Flex application in as little as 5  minutes including plugin installation, project creation and running server!

Grails installed and configured. Installation is absolutely straight forward and described in details on the official page.

Step 1. First step was to created an application:
grails create-app grails-flex-sample

Step 2. Then I installed plugin with command:
grails install-plugin flex

Step 3. After that I created simple service by running command from grails-flex-sample directory:
grails create-service Echo

and modified create service into:

class EchoService {
 static expose = ['flex-remoting']   
 def echo() {
        return "Echo from server. Time: " + new Date();
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Why developers hate meetings?

Since it is pretty obvious that developers hate meetings it is time to pose the question everyone seems to have ignored. Why half an hour usually relaxing activity brings so much anger into people’s heads?

I am very pleased to say that I found the answer in brilliant essey written by Paul Graham, which a colleague of mine has given me not so long ago.

Answer to the question is in the way people plan their time. While managers usually schedule their activities with duration rarely exceeding one hour, developers, or maker’s as Paul says in his essey, think in a day or at least half a day periods. In their world short 15-minutes meeting will spoil easily a whole day!

After reading the essey I made a conclusion that every meetign with “maker” participants should rather be planned on early mornings or in the end of working days in order to optimise developers performance and make their working environment less stressfull.

Recreate Twitter in 40 minutes

Today, surfing internet and trying to find some articles about ways to improve performance in web design and development, I encountered post about Groovy & Grails meet up on feralabs team’s blog.

Author describes in her page how Graeme Rocher, the founder of Grails, recreated Twitter in 40 minutes. It’s fantastic!

I personally believe that we need such a technology, which eliminates tons of configuration and waisting millions of long-monky-hours of creative developers. Of course, time will show will Groovy & Grails be such a technology or not, but at least it has significant improvements comparing to Struts era web application frameworks stack: conventions over configuration, powerfull plugin management and many others.

I am not trying to find silver bullet, but I do think that internet society needs something simple, flexible and efficient. Therefore the next challenge for Grails is easily integration with other hot technologies like Flex or GWT.