Web Sites on their path to become Web Services

Being sure that web 2.0 era is near to over and wondering what is going to be its substituion, I’ve done recently some research for technologies being involved in it. Most of sources see that upcoming trends and internet buzz are about structured web data (which sometimes called semantic web) and could computing. Both sounds promising, especially in bunch with technologies for rapid development like Grails. Both are going to improve performance, reducing development costs and of course be building blocks for the new era of highly sophisticated and functional web applications.

Many sources promise that Cloud computing, a good example could be Amazon’s EC2, is at the very beginning of their burst and market will rich $12bn till 2012. I think it looks very likely, especially taking into account its real added value to the market.

Data stracturing in their turn has two approaches – first is scraping technologies (Dapper, Teqlo and Yahoo! Pipes), second is exposing site’s data through web services (Twitter, having 90% of third party clients’ activities). Besides using semantic web technolofies for primitive mushups, open services could be combined into very sophisticated applications adding real value to users and even introducing completelly new markets. Many good examples of API’s could be found at http://www.programmableweb.com/