Статья о A/B Testing


Even though every A/B test is unique, certain elements are usually tested:

  • The call to action’s (i.e. the button’s) wording, size, color and placement,
  • Headline or product description,
  • Form’s length and types of fields,
  • Layout and style of website,
  • Product pricing and promotional offers,
  • Images on landing and product pages,
  • Amount of text on the page (short vs. long).

Functional testing with Geb framework


Geb (pronounced with a soft “G” like “Jeb”) is a browser automation solution for the Groovy programming language. It combines the browser driving features of WebDriver (and therefore can work with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and HTMLUnit) with a jQuery inspired content navigation/inspection API and the expressiveness of Groovy.


import geb.*
Browser.drive("http://www.google.com") {
assert title == "Google"
$("input", name: "q").value("wikipedia")
$("input", value: "Google Search").click()
assert title.endsWith("Google Search")
def firstResultLink = $("li.g", 0).find("a.l")
assert firstResultLink.text() == "Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"

RabbitMQ Plugin for Grails


RabbitMQ provides robust messaging for applications. It is easy to use, fit for purpose at cloud scale and supported on all major operating systems and developer platforms. RabbitMQ is open sourced under the Mozilla Public License.

Why Choose RabbitMQ?

RabbitMQ is based on a proven platform and offers a reliable, highly available, scalable and portable messaging system with predictable and consistent throughput and latency.

RabbitMQ is 100% open source and 100% based on open standard protocols freeing users from dependency on proprietary vendor-supplied libraries.

RabbitMQ is designed from the ground up to interoperate with other messaging systems: it is the leading implementation of AMQP, the open standard for business messaging, and, through adapters, supports XMPP, SMTP, STOMP and HTTP for lightweight web messaging.

RabbitMQ is supported by a thriving community of active contributors. A full range of commercial support services are available through the SpringSource division of VMware.

Job Titles That Can Sink Your Startup

Оригинал статьи http://steveblank.com/2010/09/13/job-titles-that-can-sink-your-startup/

Companies Have Titles to Execute a Known Business Model
I offered that in an existing company job titles reflect the way tasks are organized toexecuteknown business model. For example, the role of “Sales” in an existing company means that:

  1. there’s a sales team executing
  2. a repeatable and scalable business model
  3. selling a known product to
  4. a well-understood group of customers
  5. using a standard corporate presentation
  6. with an existing price-list and
  7. standard terms, conditions and contract

Startups Need Different Titles to Search For an Unknown Business Model
In a startup you need executives whose skills are 180 degrees different from what defines success in an existing company.  A startup wants execs comfortable in chaos and change – with presentations changing daily, with the product changing daily, talking and with analyzing failure rather than high-fiving a success.  In short you are looking for the rare breed:

  1. comfortable with learning and discovery
  2. trying to search for a repeatable and scalable business model
  3. agile enough to deal with daily change, operating “without a map”
  4. with the self-confidence to celebrate failure when it leads to iteration and Pivots

List of technologies

Frameworks & & Platforms & Technologies & Languages

Grails, Groovy, Griffon, Spring, Hibernate, Log4j,  Lucene, Apache Commons, JavaScript, GWT, XML, HTML

Flex, Flash, AS3, PureMVC, Metaas, WowzaMedia, BlazeDS



Oracle, Sybase, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL




Amazon, Google, Youtube, Microsoft, Apache, IBM


Social Media, VC 2.0, Semantic Web, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, Socianomics

SOA & Cloud Services

amazon ec2, aws, google aps