Play 2.0 on Heroku

Несколько простых шагов и ваш веб апликейшн созданный на базе Play 2.0 фреймворка в клауде Heroku.

Install Play2.0 framework
Sign up to Heroku and install toolbelt
Create Public/Private keys
Create new project play new
Create Procfile in root dir of your project with one single line (web: target/start -Dhttp.port=${PORT} ${JAVA_OPTS})
Commit to Git (git init, git add ., git commit -m “init”)
Login to Heroku
Create Cedar stack (heroku create –stack cedar)
Push changes to heroku (git push heroku master)
Scale(start) your first web dynos (heroku ps:scale web=1, heroku restart)